No Smoking Day
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Day 2 nearly over

Ooooh today has been bad - Im am nearly 48 hours fag free but have cried about 4 times today.

I think my boss and my colleagues think Im nuts.

I feel like Phil Mitchell in Eastenders - wish someone would just lock me in a room.

I keep on thinking just one draw on a fag - thats all.

Im using the inhaler and the microtabs but its hard when all you think is one draw on a fag will just make you feel better.

Really tired all day - weepy and distracted.

I might end up a non smoker but Ill probably have no friends or job left by the time I get passed day 3.

Not a good day

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Try and keep it up, you can do this. Remember almost all the nicotene will have left your body in the next day, you're almost there!, and the worst will be over.

It might seem impossible at times, but keep going. I'm only on day 12 and I haven't even thought about smoking today, the light at the end of the tunnel creeps up quicker than you think.


Hang in there!

I'm just into Day 2 as well, tired and having concentration issues too LOL I am finding that reading a lot and posting on forums is helping.



You go mel !!!!

Screw what other people in work think. I know how it feel when you arrive all chuffed coz you've made it another day, but on the other hand you want to throw your computer out the window.

Just keep going and move up the forum days!!!

Well done. :0)


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