No more for me :)

Had my last one at 7.35pm and thats it :)

Not doing it anymore.. got my little boy to think about and he wants me to give up so who am i to argue with !

Got no money to buy them anyway so thats a good start.. froday will be a challenge though as thats when im getting some money , but hopefully ill be over the worse then and not crave them as much :)

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  • Hi Emma

    Well done for starting, I'm with you all the way!


  • Do it Emma...I'm on week 6 and it only seems two minutes since I quit thanks to Allen Carr!

    good luck!

  • Yeah go for it! life is SO much better without the stinky annoying habit.

  • Hi Emma,

    go for it!

    You Can do it! The people on here are amazingly supportive and will help you as much as possible. I am now on day 24 thanks to Allen Carr, and feel 100% healthier than when i was a smoker!

    Keep us posted!

  • i caved in 2 days in to it :mad::mad:

    But i will be back on it soon :)

    Determined to do this!

  • i caved in 2 days in to it :mad::mad:

    But i will be back on it soon :)

    Determined to do this!

    I find the more quits you try, even if you unfortunately fail, gives you experience for the next time. Try and avoid the pitfalls of your last failed attempt.

    Every quit is different, the next one might be the easiest so far. Keep your chin up and the best of luck.

  • Hey Emma

    Dust yourself off and get back on that quit - think about what made you slip this time and use it as a learning experience.

    I'm a 20 minute train ride from you so could turn up one day and give you a good talking too :D

  • Hi Emma

    This method is good, keep still.We support you :)

  • Yep.. ill get back on and do it :)

  • Hey Emma - don't you worry about slipping up. This quitting smoking is hard if it wan't we wouldn't be using a forum such as this. Maybe use a different method? If you have an Asda or Tesco pharmacy near you, I know they offer a 12 week programme whereas you can have patches, lozenges or whatever suits you. You pay the 1st prescription then the rest is free you just have to go each week to blow into a reader thingy to check you haven't smoked. Or there is champix? Different methods suit and work for different people there is certainly no one shop suits all. Just don't quit the quit...set a date and prepare yourself. :)

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