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Whahoo Day 2

Dear all,

Well day 2 now! Still coping and not wanting to kill anyone…..yet…….

Last night was much harder than the rest of the day but I knew it was coming so armed myself with the lozenges!

Am trying to keep track with how hard I think the craves have been so I have something to look back at in the future and realise it’s getting easier!

1st day at work today so have had the triggers of my smoking buddies whenever they’ve gone out so lozenges have come out instead!

Quick ? for anyone that’s done the patches and finished the whole course? I know it’s v early days for me but I’ve never finished a full course of anything and just wondered whether you go through a type of withdrawal each time you reduce patch size or when you eventually come off them altogether? I guess I’ll reduce the lozenges before the patches???

Anyway, thanks for reading and good luck to you all and my fellow couple of 29th August quitters! :)


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Glad to hear you're still off the ciggies. Back at work with people smoking is the worst place to be - even if they do go outside for their fix.

Not been too bad for me today but I've certainly had the cravings.



Hmmm wavering a bit now tho! I don't want to give in but the monster is a calling! I will ignore him and keep rubbing me patch!!!!:eek:

Glad to hear you're still on the wagon too!

Very quiet here, much quieter than when I was here in 2008. Maybe people just don't need as much support nowadays? Who knows!

All the best



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