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6 weeks today

hi everyone, i have now gone 6 weeks withot having a cig. as times going on its getting easier and easier. i'm still using the patches, i'm going to stay on them for the full 3 months like it says in the booklet you get with the patches. i'm still taking it day by day, i have to because the thought of never having a cig again in my life is quite overwhelming haha. that is my aim though never to have one again. the longest i've ever gone without a cig since i started smoking is 3 months, i was using patches then too but i only used them for 6 weeks. i thought i didn't need them, then bang on 3 months it was a sunday and i was having cravings, as far as i know no chemists where i live open on a sunday so i couldn't go and get patches, and i ended up buying cigs. but this is a new quit now i'll make sure i have emergency patches for when i come off the patches this time. i hope everybody elses quit is going well and stay strong everyone its really worth it! :)

thanks for reading,


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Hi Danial 6 weeks is a stupendous quit and I’m sure that as this is your 2cnd attempt this time you will manage it, as you said you need to keep an emergency supply if it makes you feel more relaxed about quitting and of course the most important thing is not just stopping smoking its staying smoke free, all quits are unique and of course we will all do it differently but one thing to be sure of is that you mustn’t be too hard on yourself, one day at a time is all you can do and you are doing ok, take care of yourself and keep posting.


thanks jamangie :)


Way to go Daniel.............doing it with style this time hey??

You still strumming? Congrats and great to hear you are still quit!

Shelly XX


yeah i play every now and again i'm abit rusty at the moment lol, i need to play it more really. thanks for the support mate :)


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