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Movin' on up!

Hello Month 3!!

First day in.. and feels great. I am still getting the occasional thought of wanting a smoke, I wouldn't necessarily call it a craving - it's more like I think to myself, "Gee, wouldn't it be nice".. but, then I remind myself why I don't smoke... then I call my parents to say hi (who quit 12 years ago) and they tell me they are so proud that I've got this, that one drag I fantasize about sometimes, just wouldn't be worth it... but, I suppose that's what it comes down to... it's just one of those things that you might day dream about - but, you know you won't do it.

I am still getting into the occassional snappy moods - but, like I said once before, I think that's just life and how I am... I am at the point where I can't blame everything on not smoking! It was easy enough at the beginning, but I think I need to take responsibility for my mood swings and not blame it on the nicodemon!!

This has been one of my many quits - the longest I ever quit before was a full three months - so, once I get through this month and well into month 4, then I reckon I will be well on track!

One thing that still helps me is this one thought.. "A Non-smoker doesn't smoke" it's really that simple for me sometimes to think that thought to get through any moment of weakness.

Keep going and good luck to everyone!

All the best,


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Hey Sylvia,

Well done on getting this far down the road...keep at it xx

Even now I get the occasional craving, but not as bad...and I'm almost at 6 months...


Hi Nickiw,

Thanks for the message, I look forward to being as far as six months - What a great feeling that must be! Congrats on getting so far!

Keep it up everyone!



I'm right behind you again Sylvia. Month 3 starts for me tomorrow. I can't believe I've made it this far.

The last couple of weeks have been quite hard because I've had a lot of toothache. It's been especially bad when I ate anything hot or cold which was really frustrating because I'm really into my food since I quit smoking.

Anyway, the offending tooth was pulled out today and I'm looking forward to lots of lovely breakfasts, lunches and dinners over the coming weeks....


Congrats to you both, Sylvia and Sue. You've put a full 2 months behind you and both of you seem confident going into month 3.

All i can say is that the hardest part is behind you now but don't let down your guard. Keep the same attitude as you have had for the previous 2 months and you'll be fine.

My quitcounter says i've been stopped for 2 months and 24 days so i'm getting closer to finishing month 3. I've had good days and bad days but i never felt like giving in and smoking again. Good Luck to you both!


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