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day 2

Well i'm onto day 2 found yesterday quite hard at some points all i could think about was having a cigarette used my inhalator to get me over the urges. Think i am only thinking about it cos i know i cant have one suppose this will pass. Will see how today goes. Going out to a big family do today but will keep away from the smoking corner as not to be tempted. :(

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Hi Dido,

Day 2 is good, stay strong, keep busy and them craves will pass, not sure how the inhalator works but if you take it to the family gathering and get the urge you could take it out with you yes?

YOu'll be just fine and any niggly feelings now, horrible as they are will soon pass and it is so worth it all!

Hope you have a lovely day XX :D


managed today

Thanks, i managed today ok did'nt go off with the others for a cigarette just chatted with others, went for a drink afterwards and did'nt go outside with the rest stayed inside. did'nt even need to use my inhalator was quite pleased with myself. :D See what tommorow brings.


bet you are pleased :) a big trigger time -and you made it Dido:D

I used my inhalator a lot in the first weeks -and still chew on it now empty of cartridges if one of those want a cig moment hits.

not a pretty sight I grant you -but better than lighting up;)

keep going Dido xxx


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