No Smoking Day
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11 Months Done - 1 to go!

..well at the end of today it will be.

I can't &%$*ing belive it!!! 11 months a non smoker!

If I may say so I have now got this SO sorted. I very very rarely think of cigs (mainly when I come on here! LoL) - very very rarely have craves - and those are SOOOOOOOOOO weak I don't know if you'd even call them a crave (not like the big buggering things of the early months). I'm with friends outside pubs with them all chuffing away - NO PROBLEM!!! I've even turned into a gym junkie! Been 6 times this week!

I'm so so near to where I want to be - to be completely indifferent to them, so they don't actually figure in my life. For me (as I've said before), to hate and despise them gives them too much power and I've fought too hard for that - like we all have. I will get there.

So there you have it - I've got 1 month to go and NOTHING is gonna stop me getting to that Penthouse. I'm here because of this forum and I think you're all &%$* ing brilliant!!!

Be well - and keep on quitting!


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You sound great, AG! Well done on your quit so far, see you at your one year!!


Hi Mate

Congratualtions on your brilliant milestone ...1 to go mate .... superb quit :)


Fab, I can't quite believe it either only a month to go, just trying to work out if I will be here for your entrance to the Penthouse and I think I will be.

You sound really positive and your sort of post is the kinda thing that I remember reading when I was only at the start of my quit and finding it really helpful to know that it did get easier, so I am sure your positive outlook and strength will help many a newbie.


Great, and well done you. You sound so positive and so determined!! An inspiration to us all if I may say so....

Just tell me one thing...where do you get all that energy from???


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