No Smoking Day
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Day 3, and I haven't super stressed yet!

Good times, it's day 3 and everyone is still talking to me! The bad cold thing seems to be working a treat ( extra bonus lots of, aww you ok Love, and cuddles off my Hun.:-) ). Woke up feeling on top of the world today, but this afternoon I have felt like I have missed smoking. Not enough to drive me crazy, but just missing something. Oh well, I'm still smiling, and still not stressing! :-)

life is good, fingers crossed it stays this way! X

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Hi Jellie:)

good work -and you are well on the way to your new non smoking life:D:D

it does get a bit easier now-so treat yourself this weekend.

but always keep the third eye open for the nicodemon .:eek:

and tell him where to go. you dont need him.



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