No Smoking Day
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Day 2 in the no smoking house!

Well day 2 is going ok, felt real bad this morning, and feeling really tired this aft, even though I had a good sleep.

I have decided I have a really bad cold, an will be feeling better in a couple of weeks, as this gets a good response, from friends and family, such as, aww how you feeling? , hope you feel better soon! Where as when you tell them your giving up smoking, you get, what's up with you, putyour face straight, god if youfeel that bad just have one! My friend who has done three weeks ( well done jane) advised me to ignore everything, so I'm trying that theory too. I will try everything and anything to give up. X

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Hey Jellie,

Thats the spirit! What a great positive attitude you have...............wish I'd have thought of the cold/flu excuse......I told everyone I was quitting and for about a month whenever anyone asked how I was I would start sobbing like a baby.........couldn't even talk!! Glad to say thats all over now and you will be just fine........good luck XX


Loving your attitude!

Good luck x


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