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No Smoking Day
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Month 1 - DONE!

Whoo first month - out of the way!

What a great feeling this is! Keep it up everyone, as it feels great when you hit the milestones!

It's been one heck of a roller coaster ride.. but, definitely worth it!

I'm still quite moody sometimes and my body still hasn't caught up to my mind - but, it's getting there... one day at a time!

Big hugs to you all!


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Well done Sylvia on your first of many months I am sure :D

Gaynor x


Well done Sylvia, just keep taking small steps and be kind to yourself.

One month is fantastic, a good quit. So what's your treat - you've earned it.



Hi Sylvia,

One month quit - well done. :)

I'm almost a month quit. Life as a non smoker is so much better. I feel so much more fit and healthy.


Hi sylvia

a month all done....just brilliant. well done you:)


A brilliant quit Sylvia, Well Done!

You know that the worst is behind you now so stay strong. :)



Hello and well done for reaching 1 month - its a great feeling isn;t it.

I love your attitiude - stick with that - it'll see you through.

Continued good luck.


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