No Smoking Day
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Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I woke up today and decided that today was the day to just quit smoking.

Ive been smoking 20 (ish) a day since i was 13 (28 now).

I had 2 cigarettes this morning, then poured water over my baccy pouch and binned it along with my smoking paraphenalia. Went out and stocked up on nicotine gum, mints and lots of fizzy water. Although i'm feeling grumpy and have a headache i'm also feeling very positive about the future, and the fact that a painful smoking related death needent(sp?) be a part of it!

Ive never been much of a forum poster before, but i'm hopiung chatting to people who are going through/ have been through this experience might be very benefitial and help keep me on track!


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Just wanted to say welcome and good luck :)

This forum is definitely the place to be for support and advice. Read as many posts as you can, and especially read the links in peoples' sigs - I found them very helpful.

Looking forward to chatting to you and watching your quit progress.


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