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No Smoking Day
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back on track

Hi all,

Feeling really positive about my quit after the depths of depressions yesterday :rolleyes:

Something has changed in me, not sure what, but I think it is that now I have made the decision not to drink, I look into the future and trust myself. I haven't been able to that before, I would normally worry about whether I would get past the next Monday night drinks with not that much confidence in myself.

AAAAAAAAAARRHHHHHHH now I am worrying about three more weddings coming up, one in August and two in October :eek: god this is exhausting. Right one day at a time, eh? first wedding is over a month away, just need to do that first...one month no alcohol and definitely no cigarettes.

god help me and the rest of you having to listen to this :rolleyes:

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Hi Zena

Great to hear you in high spirits, I know how depressing it can be at times when we leave our lifelong friends behind, but the fact is they were no more, booze, cigs and whatnot. :)

Yep, you can do it and the only way is one day at the time, sometimes even less, I also have left drink behind a couple of years back and now I can face any social situation with confidence and pretty sure that I won't drink or even consider it, even when someone asks, I just say it is a health decision, its very fashionable to be healthy these days, healthy is the new cool :cool:

Anyway, day 15 smoke free and am beginning to feel this new natural high and happiness just as I did before with the drink.

You can do it today and any other day :D


It is really good to hear that people are managing to live their lives without drinking or smoking, I am so surprised that so many of you are doing this successfully. Sorry to go on about the drinking for those of you that don't associate the two. I am just really surprised.. really learning a lot about myself...slightly worried:eek:


One good lung full of air at the time

Don't be worried, I know it is easier said than done, but that simple mind trick of taking a day at the time real works, sometimes even an hour, five minutes or a good lung full of air at the time.

It gets easier every day just like riding a bike or crossing the road. :)

And yes it's also about learning loads about ourselves :eek:


Congratulations on your day 15 by the way:)


Hi Zena, eventualy it will become second nature not to smoke and maybe in time you will be able to drink without smoking, as Pedru said one day at a time is how to overcome any addiction or loss, so today is another day and you have survived and tomoz will be another, take care x


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