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been coming here for 5 weeks and six days

Been coming to this forum everyday for what will be 6 weeks tomorrow which was when i quit smoking. i've been logging on on my phone so could not register , i did try several times but could not make out the caption. anyhow tonight my computer is on line so here i am. so far the quit has not been too bad i've used gum lozenges nasal spray and my e cig, not all at once. could not afford anymore nasal spray so it's back to the lozenges, that stuff is real good if you can afford it but £21 for a 10 ml bottle is daylight robbery. well that's my introduction , good luck all you one dayers and just try to stick with it it does get better with a bit of time.

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welcome, glad you were able to log in at last. You are doing really well, post as often as you can, it helps others :)......well done


Good Morning and welcome to the forum, you have done well to get to nearly 6 weeks smoke free and only just come on, I have used the forum from my 2cnd week and I am feel I wouldn’t have manage my 6 months without it, I didn’t realise you have to pay for NRT but that’s mad as the gov want you to stop so why can’t you get it free, suppose its cheaper than smoking though??? Take care and post often and let us know how you are getting on x


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