No Smoking Day
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300 days!!! Can it be true?!?!

Hi guys - decorating still going on. Sanding may have become my new "smoking". It takes a bit of work and collects on your lungs! (Unless you wear a mask) NOT!!! Anyway - thats gonna be a LOT easier to give up.

Anyway - out of the blue I clicked on my Quit Counter and it told me this:

"Steve - Free and Healing for Nine Months, Twenty Seven Days, 7 Hours and 33 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 29 Days and 4 Hours, by avoiding the use of 8409 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £2,128.36."

Over 8,400 fags!!!!!!! I can't believe that!!!

So its a lovely sunny Sunday but England crashed out (pissed off at that even even tho I'm Welsh). So this came as nice pick me up.

Contined best wishes and love to all!


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So very well done, thats an awesome load of statistics and I hope your deccy is begining to look good, keep on sanding and wear a mask else you will have a sanders cough LOL keep up the good work quit and house xx


Well done AG, savour the achievement, not long for the penthouse.


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