No Smoking Day
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Day 19

Well got through the wedding yesterday, there were smokers there but the temptation is much easier to deal with when you are not drinking.

Saying that when I caught myself clocking the easiest person to pinch a cigarette off I just went straight to my room and stayed there the rest of the night (at 8:30pm before the cake came out :mad:).

I did think though it was a great evening people were dancing and being merry (very merry) with not a drop of alcohol in sight...maybe it wouldn't be too hard to lay off the drink while I got my non-smoking established, but to be honest the idea of not drinking sounds more daunting than not smoking :eek:

I hope the rest of you are doing ok. I am off to London for my two days should be ok this time as my smoking buddy is in Brazil ;)

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Hi Zena a massive well done to you for your getting past a trigger that you thought would break your quit, I am glad you enjoyed the wedding even though it was alccy free, yes giving up the drink if you are used to it is hard I should think Im ok I dont drink more than the odd glass of wine and can do without if nesc, have a good couple of days at work and stay safe and smoke free xx


Hey Z,

Well, I had every faith in you being able to get through the wedding without smoking...okay, that sounds more positive than saying that I was worrying, which I wasn't :p

A bit of real junkie thinking there regards the easy tap for a cig. Start to think in terms of what is junkie thinking and not, and you'll recognise how you are getting past the dependancy you have on nicotine.

If you haven't already seen it, there is a thread about Junkie Thinking. It's a very helpful education...and that's what you could be doing in your early quit...educating and increasing your knowledge of what's happening in the transition you are going through. Sounds boring, like being back at school...but it does actually help to make the transition easier :cool:

You're doing great, girl...enjoy London :)



Hi zena

you did good ..the wedding & not smoking. You so sound like me ..wen im out on night out..i tell myself at the beginning that i could make friends very easy if i wanted something bad enough ((fag)) :o........for me that feeling does go coz i forget wen i get into the night out....And it will get better for you too...You will start to enjoy so******ing instead of dreading it...:)

well done on your day 19


Hi all,

nice to read some of your posts again after being away for a week with no internet lol. Day 19 and still doing ok, I find that im not even thinking about ciggies anymore but occasionaly ( and at the wierdest times ) I find myself standing up going for a fag before reminding myself that I don't smoke anymore, I think this is just habit as it happens during a commercial break on the tv or at halftime in the football. Anyway, well done to all still heading in the right path, keep up the good work !!!


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