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No Smoking Day
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Hello everyone - I am new!


I am desperately trying to give up the dreaded weed. My last cigarette was 6 pm Wednesday. I was hypnotised but am not convinced it has been that helpful and would be interested to hear anyone else's opinion/experience. I am going cold turkey (no patches etc) and it is really, really difficult. In fact, I have felt very depressed today. I hope i feel better tomorrow, Any tips, i feel like i need a boost ???? Thanks :(

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Hi Jod and welcome

Can't give any advice on hypnosis I'm afraid but just wanted to say well done on getting through 3 days CT - you're now nicotine free :) Depression is common - you've just given up your best friend but things will start to improve - honest ;) Just take each day as it comes, drink plenty of fluids and post on here often - it does help :D


Hi jod

brilliant 3 days done CT ......ure doing good & like pookies says depression is normal & it does get better

Im sure someone who quit CT will be along soon.....Keep going & let us know how you get on:)


It is all in the mind and i'm a firm believer in the power of thought. If you think one single negative thought that can kind of start the depression and cravings etc etc. Try to get in the habit of thinking loads of positive things about quitting and keep reminding yourself how 'you CAN AND WILL do this' and surely enough you will. It's a case of knowing it's gonna be tough but enjoying the challenge because at the end of the day we ARE stronger than a nico crave and with time it gets easier and easier. Trust me i thought i'd never be able to quit but i did!!! so you can too. Keep a strong positive mind, mix with non smoking positive people and be really patient with yourself afterall it is recovery.

Lot's of luck. :) and remember you are not alone with this.

Ooh just come back to edit. As a further note it would be a great idea to start running because that will shift all the nasty cancer causing debris from your lungs and the sooner you can do that the better you'll feel, drink 2 pints of water every morning and your skin will look amazing, just concentrate on all the nice things you can do.


Thank you for all your replies. Feeling a tiny bit better. Praising myself for getting through another day! Will try and post tomorrow xx


Hi Jod

Every day you make it without smoking give yourself a hug pat on the back :D keep posting to let us know how you're doing xx


Hi Jod, you should be praising yourself, I quit CT and overall think it wasnt to bad, not easy by far but I am now on 6 months after smoking 41 years so that should tell you if I can do it so can you, talk to yourself (the rest of the world will think you have gone nuts but who cares) and keep reminding yourself why you have chosen to quit, write it down and keep reading, come on here and read and post as much as you can find time to do it and this site will carry you forward Im sure it is responsible for my quit I am sure, well you have to blame someone.

You take care of yourself and read my sig about water it really does help x


Still here!


I didnt give in today but it has been so hard. My husband is also giving up and we have been arguing all day. I am sure this is down to nicotine withdrawal but also because we used to love having a fag together with a cup of tea and we dont know what to do with ourselves (apart from eat!). I know I have got to stay strong but i'm not feeling like im going to make it!!


Of course you can do it, one day at a time. It does get better i promise. :)


How are you getting on. I'm just moving onto Day 4 and was interested to read about how thing were tough quitting at the same time as you other half. I too am doing this at the same time as my OH and the silly arguments and touchiness can be intense. Any tips around this anyone?


Yes Inter remember one thing and keep it formost in you mind, u love each other and this sticky phase will pass and when it does you will love each other more cause you will smell nicer, your erm drive will increase and you will have a longer life together, so well done the 2 of u and use the site and make a thread for yourself and post often, take care


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