No Smoking Day
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DAY 17 - Focus

Mark here... Good afternoon.

I smoked 27 years. Finally, I was just so DONE. Sick of the bad habit.

I went to a parade this pass Sunday. I passed by a group of smokers that look like they smoked all their life... I'm telling ya, they looked really bad. I said to myself..."Im so glad I quit." I dont wanna look like them. Just nicotine infested. Skin color, wrinkles, smelly clothes, the unhealthy look. You guys must know what I'm talking about, right?

I'm on the patch remedy. (Target Brand)

In the evenings, I pull out the Mandala coloring book & the colored pencils..turn on some soothing relaxing, meditation music. Light up an essential oil diffuser with water, lavender, blk pepper & eucalyptus essential oils and go where my imagination takes me.

I do have my thoughts of wanting one very often. I take some deep breaths and focus. Relaxing the mind helps a great deal! Not only with quitting smoking but with everything else life throws at you. You should give it a try!

Best of Luck!


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Hee Hee like your style and hopefully you will get lots of posts to give you a strong desire to stay quit, take care and if you need any one to talk to in the future send me a message Im on quite a lot x


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