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Sleep............where are you??

OK I'm feeling pretty good at the mo. Hit 8 weeks tomorrow and have started weaning myself off the Champix but my sleep pattern is all over the place. Was sleeping really well up to a few weeks ago. Everything else is going back to normal including my skin :) but I haven't slept this badly for years.

Is this still the quit or the Champix?? It's difficult to stay perky when you're constantly tired :(

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I am the same. Sleep is terrible but I am not on Champix so it must be the quit. Hopefully it will get better :rolleyes:


Hi guys

welcome to the land of staring at the ceiling wishing it was daylight so you could get up and get on with things fact that is probably the best thing to do dont lie there tossing and turning cursing your OH as he/she snores nicely next to you just get up get busy for an hour then back to bed's perfectly normal this sleep loss some quitters breeze through it some become wild red eyed maniacs who can fall asleep during the day at the drop of a hat ...try not to worry and get stressed about it it will return in good time failing that blame the OH for snoring that is keeping you awake not true but good to moan at them :D


Hi Pookie I too suffered with the sleep demon or should say lack of it, but it is getting better by degrees, I do still have the odd night but I’m sure that it will resume normal service eventually, I hope anyway.

I stopped the caffeine and that seemed to help and I try not to eat too late as that doesn’t help either.

Nice warm bath or shower and some lavender oil under pillow and sweet smoke free dreams I wish you.


Thanks guys - nice to know I'm not alone.

I stopped caffeine over a year ago - boob pain :o sorry if that's too much info. I've run out of my lavender sleep balm as I've been slapping it all over my forehead so tonight I'm trying a candle lit hot bath, pedicure, manicure - all the things that make me feel nice :)

One consolation is that I'm finally reading all the books I'd hadn't read :D


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