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Hi peeps,

Just thought I would share this with you.....there is a solicitor at work who is desperate to stop. Did three months once but then went back to his old ways. Put quitting off ever since after learning how hard it can be.

Well... I have cracked him :D lol with my endless preaching about this forum and all you guys-tomorrow is his quit day! Fingers crossed for him hey! Made me think though, he is a bright man, and head strong and always thinks he is right (lol cheeky but true) yet I have managed to persuade him to give it another go, he has to want to stop though of course which he does, otherwise I would be fighting a losing battle. So I personally think there is nothing wrong with chewing off the ear of a smoker when you know they want to stop. Preach away people :) haha

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:) Well done TMB .... Perhaps NSD should sign you up as their marketing guru:)


Cool Trying. I am having a similair experience with a friend of mine, normally would have nothing to offer a potential quitter. Not anymore, just directed her to the site so she can see for herself. I sure she will join us soon.


You won't believe it...well yes you will...he is smoking! He is poorly (which he really is bless him) and can't bear to try today so apparently is definately starting as of tomorrow. I'm onto him, gonna be in his face first thing :D lol no only joking, I wont push him there is no point, but I do hope he tries!


You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink, as you said when he is ready he will quit till then he could be breathing his last and still smoke.

At least you are trying and it will goad him on knowing you have managed it.


True to his word, today is his quit day, he is also very competative so I am going to bet him something when I think of a good enough thing to bet on lol x


TMB dont go there LOL, make it a tenner and no more or a cruise if he has loads of money :D


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