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no longer enjoyin coffee?!?!

well end of day 6..... :D still going strrong..... only one thing i have found is i actually no longer enjoy a cup of coffee.... im such a coffee addict 7/8 a day.... but now i no longer want one or fancy one..... anyone else havin the same? not that i mind.... instead im drinkin water or squash so gota be a good thing rite? hope ur all still doin well and stayin strong.... bring on day 7! :D

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Yep, I'm not drinking half so much tea and coffee, but that could be cos I am chewing the gum...and nothing tastes good with gum!!


No more tea for me!

Me too have stopped drinking tea and coffee, think for me its association rather than taste because i would always have a cuppa and a fag!! I am going through gallons of squash :) which as you say can't be bad!

Well done for day 6 and now day 7:D



I quit caffeine as soon as I quit smokes as it was my biggest trigger, now I drink decaf and feel better for it I think :D once your quit is solid you may find you can drink it again but unless you miss it a lot then there is no reason to worry about it, water and squash will be so much better for you in the long term.

You will find that there are many things that at the start of your quit you find it either difficult to still have as they remind you of your smoking life and there will also be things that you use to compensate for the lack of cigs, mmmm choccy.

It all evens out after a while and your body will decide for you what you need and can and can’t do without, so take each day at a time and only do what is comfortable for you, fluid levels have to be kept up any way so more water is great as quitting can cause dehydration as we tend to as you say cut back on normal drinks consumption. Have a good quit and stay focused on you initial reasons for quitting and this site is great for keeping your quit strong.


I too don't enjoy coffee any more...

For me, it's because I just can't taste it since I quit.

I love (when I can taste it) real coffee, and have not had a decent cup since I quit 17 weeks ago.

I also can't taste sugar any more, and salt is now vile....


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