No Smoking Day
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Day 7

Good morning everybody,

Last day of week one!:)With all of your help this has been so so much easier than I know it would have been. I also developed a feeling of collective responsibility. I feel if I fail, I am failing all of you who are genuinely pulling for me.

I also feel invested in each of your success, we can all do this together. A special hello to Oxblood, cant wait til I actually enjoy a GOOD bottle of red wine:)

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Nice milestone Peter. The first of many I am sure. Yes you owe yourself a decent bottle of wine now, with the money you have saved and as a treat for those recovering taste buds. Maybe a nice bottle of Australian Shiraz instead of that South African crap:D


Yo Oxblood, you stressed me out so bad there, I almost had a smoke:mad:


Sorry couldnt resist lol........


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