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WOW Day 5 !!!

Hey im on day 5 of not smoking !! Cant beleve it !! Im useing patches, but when i get a real urge im haveing a puff on a electric cig with a non nicotien cartrige. It helps but im really bad !!! Just regestering for this site got me wanting to punch in the screen !!! Passwords not matching then that code thing wrong !!! OMG !!!! When will it stop !!!

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I forgot i did try Chapix for a week but i got a bad head, The doctor gave me loads of perscriptions for them, not that i needed them, i can buy over the counter here !!!


Well done John....

You will get alot of support from this site its brill. I laughed out loud re logging on i had the same thing with NHS website tried to download something to so say help with the quit and all it did was stress me out and had me shouting at the screen " your meant to be helping me!!!!"

I'm a day ahead of you on patches and inhalator was suppose to be day 20 but had a weekend set back so i'm back to day 6.....good luck and keep us posted.:)



Hi U 2 glad you have met up as like you both are on the same day sort of, yes I had the same prob and decided that I wouldnt bother but tried again after a few days and managed it so here we all are quitting for good and feeling brilliant, ok so you are not feeling so brilliant but you will I promise dont give into the nicco not nice man thing or you will end up hating yourself more than him, get plenty of water down you and dont get dehydrated or you will feel so stressed and anxy as the body needs to be fueled with water for the body to detox and then you will feel so so much better, not to many messes either or you will put weight on like I did and it is hard to shift, so well done and like m33 said this site is great and will help loads take care.


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