No Smoking Day
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Last day in this room!!!

Hello all,

Quick progress report... day 14 has started and as usual im munching on bread sticks to ease the craves!

Cant believe it's been 14 days since i last smoked...if someone had told me that I would be able to do this is wouldnt have believed them! I really think that it was the fear of stopping smoking that prevented me from seriously trying to stop before.

The bf is very happy with me and says that I smell/ taste much better which is great and I do feel like i can breath easier. The biggest difference is the peace of mind... im not spending hours lying in bed worrying about the fact i smoke and stressing that i will never be able to stop.

And it's my little sister's birthday next Tuesday and I can't wait to tell her that her big sister doesn't smoke anymore so she doesn't have to worry.

Bring on tomorrow!

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Laurajade, well done you.

Two weeks is great news and you will start to feel the benefits now, I sympathise over the fear bit of quitting as I was the same, like a lot of things in life the thought is worse than the deed.

Keep going, stay strong and look forward to seeing your sister next week.



Well done LauraJade,

Half way through your first month, way to go :D

Gaynor x


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