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No Smoking Day
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hey! not been on in a while!

hey people! ive not been on in a few months but im doing good and i hope you are all too! so im reaching my 96th day tmrw wo00! il admit i have 2 drags on a fag a few months in but i had killed my addiction by then and it just pushed me not to smoke again even more!

im not even thinking about smoking anymore and dont crave them at all! i have to sit with people that smoke at work and they smell like total ass lol! cant belive i used to smell like that ;p

tc all !

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Well done Tom, fantastic so your coming up to your 100 days, an amazing thing has happened, you are now a none smoker, how good does that feel??

Many of us here have had blips, as long as it is only a blip then that is fine, hope you are feeling really proud you should be, well done you, and now onwards and upwards.


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