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day 4 - welcome to imsomniacs r us

God I need sleep, I had the covers on, off, on......pjs on, off (not a pretty sight) on......up, down, thirst, sneeze it was awful lol. Rant over back to my quit.......probably due to lack of sleep, feel a wee bit down......will shake it off in the next hour hopefully. Cannot believe I am on day 4, would never have got here if it wasn't for this forum. Still drinking loads and the deep, deep breathing works in times of doubt. Willpower a bit wobbly today I think....again probably due to lack of sleep........but the smokes will not beat me ;) Have a good day everyone and I will probably be on later with another rant lol

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Well done Shojam,

The sleep will improve I promise. Sending you some PMA to help you through any wobbles today.

Gaynor x


Thanks, feel a wee bit better now. Ready to take on the next battle lol :p


You stick today out, no matter what.. once you are through day 4 you will very likely find things improve.

out of interest are you using anything to quit with such as patches or champix or similar?


Hi Shojam, the niggly nights may not just be your change of habits you know. Both me and the OH have found the last couple of nights restless cos of the warmer weather, having a window open so there's more noise etc. Hope you are more restful tonight.

Lorraine :)


Hi, thanks for the replies. I haven't given in but I have found it difficult today. I am using Champix and they have been great. I'm just tired I think. I have just downloaded the quit counter and cannot believ I have saved approx £30.00. With that and my son going on, there is very little likliehood that I will slip today :D


Hi shojam

Sleeping does get easier as time goes on - honest. Hang on in there :D


Hi, your doing great. I suffered with insomnia for about a week but it does go i promise. i know it's awful...i woke up in the night once totally confused, sweaty palms and wide awake. :rolleyes: and i remember thinking will this ever end but it does.

Your on a journey, a difficult one so remember to praise yourself.


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