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For Dee

Six Months :cool:

Dee my sweetheart, how marvelous have you fought and struggled and beat the odds? Cancer and now a 6 Month Quit......... you were one of my first inspirations here and you will always be someone special to me and many Octo's :)

Total respect to you and when I start off in Torrington next month, the first few miles will be for you and your strength will help me and my sore arse to be, to see it all the way to Newquay ;)

To the next 6 months - they better be easier but even if they are not, they will be worth it.

Stay strong Dee,

Pol xxx

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Hey Dee

A huge congratulations off me in getting to your 6 months xx so very happy for you xxx

Just great are a proper star xx:)


Hi Dee

well done on your magnificent quit, really pleased for you, hope you are really proud iof yourself you should be, here to the next 6 months till you get in the Penthouse.:)


Well done Dee ....6 months is fantastic and halway to the penthouse.

It gets easier all the way :D

You are doing great :)

Best wishes


Quit 28th april 09


Congrats on 6 months .. well done :)

/EDIT: sorry was busy earlier and had to attend a priority call at work.

Getting to half a year is such a big achievement quit-wise, definitely cause to be proud of all you've done so far. The next 6 months will breeze by i'm sure.

Keep on goin!!!


Hi Dee - a very special lady,

Well done - I'm feel so proud for you - you should be so pleased. We all know that at times it's not been easy, but you've kept strong and never given in. You are an inspriation to everyone.

Well done, hope the next six months is easier;)



Eh Deee....wtg on your 6 months, it will pile up like nuthin now


Huge hugz for a brilliant 6 month quit Dee :D

Gaynor x


Congrats on the 6 month mark :D that is fantastic!!


Thanks for all the lovely posts, I am sat here with tears running down my face at the lovely comments from you all.

I never thought I would make it either, but here I am, have got bronchitis now which wont clear up, so thank god I am not smoking as I know how horrid it would be if I did.

Want to say thank you for everyones support over the last 6 months, I have been a real pain in the proverbial at times and craves were awful, (still are at times), but 40 years of 25 fags was a lot of nico to clear and the mental side ----- well we wont go there !!!!

Have the quit under control now and could never go back as I could not bare to go through it all again, a one quit pony.

Thanks again

Dee xxxxx:D:D:D:D


Hi Dee,

Hope your chest clears up soon for you.

Gaynor x


Congrats Dee (sorry I'm late!)

You have done GREAT to get this far, I know how you feel about not going back, imagine having to go through the first few weeks of a quit again! :eek:

Hope the bronchitis gets better soon - I have man flu at the moment and evry time I cough it feels surprisingly mild compared to 6 months ago! MadCatMan actually said to me earlier, "I haven't heard you cough since you quit smoking til now!" I still remember how it felt THEN -the pain shooting right through my chest with every cough..... hope it's better for you at the moment!

You've been a true inspiration! :D Xxx


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