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23 Days in, too easy

Hi All,

I stopped cold turkey on the 9th March 2010 after doing about 30 fags a day for 30 odd years - so far it has not been too bad at all, couple of moments every now and then and a bit of soreness on my gums, I have just chosen to ignore any cravings or fag thoughts when they hit me. Not too sure if it will stay this way but I'll take it while it lasts. I have been reading these posts and sympathize with a lot who are doing it tough, and I know it is easy to say 'it is all in the head', but, when you get a thought or craving just choose to ignore it and think of something else - it works for me.

Good luck to all of us at the same point, and I have been inspired reading the strength of some people.


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Hi Pete really glad for you that things are going so well, I was also lucky for the first 3/4 weeks like you so took pleasure in the quit cant say its been easy easy but I truly hope yours is, this site is a great quit builder and makes a lot of us stronger than we would normally be and to help others who as you say are struggling is good because maybe with added support some who would have caved in make it, and stay quitters, so welcome to the best stop smoking site and heres to a long quit xx


Hi Pete and 'snap' i had my last fag 9th march and also did it cold turkey. Feels great doesn't it? Like you i believe it's all in the mind, 'it's only a thought and a thought can be changed'.



Well done to you Pete :D

I think sometimes if your head is really in the right place to quit the experience can be relatively easy so good for you ;)

Almost one month complete for you, brilliant.

Gaynor x


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