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Didn't forget this one - 7 months done!!!


Yep 7 months done now (Thanks to Jase for helping me to remember).

This is a bit of a steady state now - no real cravings, feeling good, feeling richer, feeling cleaner, feeling healthier...whats not to like!!!

For those at the early stages - DO keep at it. A few others have said this but if I can do it - anyone can!

So on the feeling richer part - the money I've saved I'm now gonna blow on Vegas - flying in tomorrow so will be away for 2 weeks. I'm seeing this holiday as a bit of a turning point for me after my broken shoulder and the giving up smoking (after my hols last Oct had to be cancelled).

I hope everyone stays smoke free and has a great Easter. Will message when back - and when the weather is hopefully all sunny.

Cheers guys


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Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7 months!!!! how great is that eh!!!! This time last year you were a slave to an addiction.. on an endless treadmill feeding a habit which you'd probably been wanting to stop for some time.

but now here you are celebrating another month done, and about to go on a lovely holiday over to Vegas...now thats gonna be amazing :) you remember to make a point of stopping somewhere quite iconic and crush a packet of their cheap cigs in your hand and trash them eh!!! Would make a great JPEG for the forum m8y :) only cost you a few or so dollars too :)... hehe

I'm really proud of you for sticking at this though, it doesn't seem that long ago i was telling you to send me pm's if you wanted to rant n swear at someone to get you through the tough bits :).. you didn't.. not once.. you coped.




Well done AG! Thats superfab!

Not only have you succeeded in completeing 7 months, you have also been a huge support and help to others along your path!!! A Stirling Geezer!

Viva Las Vegaaaas!!! :D :D

Well done AG, have a brilliant holiday.

Gaynor x

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