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Day 3 - Sore throat

Hi there,

New to this forum so hello everyone!!! I am currently on my 3rd day and have done it cold turkey, so far so good and haven't been struggling to bad. However I have this really sore throat that appeared during the night last night? Any reasoning from anyone or am I generally just feeling ill and hence the reason why no cravings or mood swings etc? :o


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Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Day 3 cold turkey...well done thats brilliant. With regards to the sore throat that is perfectly normal, i had a sore throat, a cough allsorts. From what i understand your cells are busy renewing themselves and the membranes in the back lof your throat are busy repairing themselves too. Just relax and go with it, make sure you drink plenty of fluid too.

Goodluck. x


Well Done!!!

Hi there!!!!

Seems so unfair doesn't it the sore throat? But it is your body healing itself after years of abuse, it wont last for long and just think of it as a positive aspect, your throat is clearing out gunk, and the delicate little hairs that have been sticky for years will start to do their job again....!!!!

Your doing really well! Keep on it, and you can do it!!!!



Can i recommmend you read this ?

It should help put your mind at rest.


Hi Everyone!

Thanks for welcoming me to the forum I feel like its going to be a little life saver knowing that there is other people going through/feeling the way I do!! I cant believe I am on day 4 and still dont even want one strange but a great feeling!

You are so right the sore throat seems a little harsh but in all fairness I am due it, considering the abuse I've put it through since I was about 12 now 13 and my intake varied on a daily basis but when it came to a night out that is when it got a bit scary!

Hope you are all managing ok! I will keep you's updated in my progress!!! :D


Keep posting. It really helps with the quit.


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