No Smoking Day
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Nearly halfway through Day 4

Yesterday was really bad - could have quite happily killed somebody - but today isn't too bad at the moment although was rough first thing this morning. am at work so have met and passed all the major triggers for me up to now - the walk to and from work, after meals, first thing in the morning, last thing at night. Only one I'm having problems with is first thing in the morning. Felt a little irritable this afternoon and feeling very anti social - don't really want to talk to anyone or be bothered. Champix is still causing nausea and the dreams are causing broken sleep so I'm tired all the time but I keep telling myself that 12 weeks of discomfort is way better than a long, lingering, painful death. Was telling my colleagues at work this morning how good the Champix are and one of my older (60) friends said she would "die with a fag in her mouth!" I thought "how bloody stupid can you get!!!!" Been cleaning the house like a good un, washing soft furnishings wherever possible to get rid of the smell - seems like I can smell it everywhere and it's bloody horrible!!!!!!!! Can't stop eating - gonna look like a weeble by time I've finished but so what - I'll be a healthy weeble! lol

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" could have quite happily killed somebody", I remember on day 3 or 4 I told the stop smoking service they shouldn't be issuing NRT but people for me to murder. Mornings worst for me too, but I'm on day, not sure 30 or 31, and it is easing off, still there, but no way near as intense. Stick at it, you're doing great,

Pols xxx


Hey Debbie, day 2 was my worst day ever!! So hopefully your day 3 was your worst day and things can only get better. Well done on getting to day 4.



Oh, I hate that feeling when you wake up...First thing that crosses your mind is 'Yes' I made it through yesterday...Next thing you think is AAAHH am I going to do this thing all over again !:mad:...Just keep on going my friend...Its going to get better.

Good luck



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