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last night of month one

It’s odd, the bad moments, be it craves or withdrawal symptoms or mood or triggers or whatever, when they happen, as they happen it’s hell on earth and all consuming, but what I’ve realised is, they’re not traumatic- in that once they’re over, they’re over, they feel unpleasant- but they don’t harm me- there’s no lasting damage. On Thursday, I was feeling very sorry for myself- I felt like it had got no easier, nothing had eased, I could see no benefits- I still had no intention to smoke, but I felt like I was having a harder time than everyone else, I was a proper little boo hoo, poor me madam. Anyway- today and yest- the craves have eased off a lot- so this eve, I’ve been able to reflect on it all a little more rationally- it has got easier, things have eased off, and there are many many benefits. So what I see when I look back on this month- is it hasn’t been so awful after all, I still can’t look too far above the parapet, as it scares the living hell out of me, but hey, if I can do 1 month, then why not two….

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Very true...... you can and did 1 Month - and you can do Month 2 too.

There are ups and downs and they come and go with complete randomness at times but we are still here and,like the little naked man with his juniper bush in the Life of Brian, we're alive, we're alive ;)

Learning to distinguish the carp that can be life at times to the down feelings of a quit is useful........ it can be to easy to put all negative feelings to the quit but it sounds like your passed that one and ready to roll on with positivity and recognition of your self and your quit.

All the best with Month 2 :)


hi pols

a very good post..couldnt put it into words but so true x

I remember a quit nurse saying on my last attempt that nothing bad will actually happen & it kind of stuck this time

ure doing so well xx & so am i come to think of it :D

onto the next day we school/preschool!!! :eek:


Ah, Life of Brian, possibly my fave film of all time- I may watch it tomorrow as a 1 month reward...

Nothing bad will actually happen is a really good line/mantra- but you're right- you'll only see the usefulness of these things when we're ready to really do it

Pols xxx


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