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No Smoking Day
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day 6 still here

hi there

just letting evryone know im still here and smoke free,six days now,i been feeling really unwell the last couple of days so i havent been on the computer at all,anyway wish i could say the cravings had gone but they havent,and still getting stinking headaches,mind you at least ive been sleeping fine,feel really sorry for those of you who are getting no sleep as well as feeling rubbish. ah well ill speak to you all soon.good luck everyone.


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How nice Shaun to see a new thread I have just been going through some and there is hardly any new ones.

Well done it's good you have come so far and you are still positive, It's a long hard road but if you're determined you'll get there. sorry you have not been well I found I was like that the first few days.

Take care don't give in.



Hi Shaun yes I agree with Jack there are few new quitters at the moment so welcome to the mad house, if you are getting headaches increase fluids as that can be a contributary factor.

Water and fresh fruit juice is good and plenty fresh air. Eat well and anything else you fancy is good as keeps your mind off the quit.

Trust me I smoked 41 years and never thought getting to my age that I would quit but here I am 2 months plus and realise its a good thing to do no matter how old a Jack we are both old timers LOL but many a good tune played on an old fiddle LOL

Keep smoke free and you will be good xx


Hi Shaun :D

Huge well done almost a week but sorry to hear you're feeling poorly

The headaches are normal for most of us but they will pass

Love and Hugs

Marg xx


Well done Shaun you are doing so well. Come on the forum often it helps to have identification from others to help you stay stopped.



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