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Day 12

Hi all

Day 12 today...yesterday was good so hoping today will be...going to throw myself into a pile of ironing in a min...hopefully will take my mind off the fags...

On saying that though, I have hubby and the kids all at home might be a bit stressfull at

But I will persevere...

Over and out...xx

49yrs of age

smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

quit date, 16th feb, 2010

lozengers, will power, and this formum

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Good for you

Nice to see somebody being positive and not complaining I know it's hard for some but sometimes I think there is too much doom and gloom on here.

We are the ones who decided to stop smoking so why be miserable about it? that's not directed at you. :)

I'm sure you will do well 12 days is great just keep on keeping yourself busy. If it means keeping busy shouting at the hubby and kids? well so be it.

Jack x


Well done getting twelve days sorted. Keep smiling and look forward to a good day.



Hi Lindy :D

Well done you 12 days is great


Marg xx


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