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No Smoking Day
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day 15 i have bronchitis

have a really awful cough, finally dragged myself to docs this am and i have bronchitis and ear infection and sinus infection so now on antibiotics but all good fun eh!!!

still not going to smoke even more determined now, dont really want any which i think is good, having mad dreams at the moment tho they really started on day 12 now on day 15 into my third week wooooo hooooo

anybody else had any of the above after quitting?????

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Hi mary, I haven't had any real illness since stopping but now almost on three months I'm not feeling good today, Chesty, sore throat and getting allot of bother with phlem going down the back of my throat. I think (although the doctor did not agree) I have had a sinus infection since before I stopped smoking.

Hope you get better soon and well done on not smoking.



hi thanks for replying, well done on almost 3 months..... yes i too have had that going down back of my throat horrible aint it, i do find steaming head over a bowl of boiling water with menthol crystals in with towel over your head does help the sinus problems tho. but i do feel crap today and very tired, oh well slept most of day yesterday then all night last night must be ill lol, cant see today being much different lol, i hope you also start feeling better xx


Hi Mary :)

I'm aso sorry you're poorly and on antibiotics what a good job you stopped smoking 15 days ago

I hope you feel better very soon hun

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Hi well done I would talk longer but I am falling asleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz oops sorry did I nod off LOL

Dreams are a bit wierd but they ease off after about a week of starting to get them zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz oops sorry nodded off again must need a cig, no dont be daft I forgot I dont smoke and you couldnt give me one cause you dont smoke either, have a brilliant quit x


I hope you are feeling better soon.


ok then lol i must have bored you lol with all my talk of illness lol to keep nodding off like that........... i will be more positive tommorow lolololol i hope your right with the dreams not being too bad after a week lol.

but thankyou everyone for your kind words today sorry if i have been ill and grumpy xxxxxxx


Mary I have been stopped for almost three month and two nights ago I dreamt I was in a car and kind of remembered throwing a cigarette end out of the window. I paniced thinking "oh no I've been smoking, all this time without smoking and I've smoked" I was putting my hands over my mouth trying to see if my breath smelt of smoking then I was smelling my fingers. What a panic I had in my dream then I woke up and boy was I relieved to find it was only a dream.

So you'll get weird dreams it's normal, more annoying though when you dream you've won the lottery and then wake up.:D

Jack xx


Hi Mary

I had some strange dreams and disturbed sleep but that was mainly due to patches which I used only for about 2.5 weeks I think.

I've not had a cough since quitting and the one cold I got didn't develop into a cough which was very welcome.

Sods law that you get this now after quitting but hopefully it will clear quicker for not being a smoker. Wish you a speedy recover and a strong quit.

To think I used to get up in the night when woken with coughing to smoke to ease the cough:rolleyes: I'd sleep on the sofa and it wasn't as if the TV was any good at that time of night/morning either.

All the best to you :)


yes it is weird having a cig in your dream lol do make you panic lol, but i been nicking choc too lol not good either lol.... not that i would nick chocolate you understand, then there were the vampires warewolves and zombies.... then i had my legs being electricuted in my bed..... then now this one was bad i dreamt my son had died i had to lay him out with the clothes that i had freshly washed and ironed that did freak me a bit xxx


Yes they are not very nice dreams I must admit.

We promise you they will go away in time and you'll have nice dreams.

I'm still feeling a bit yuk but this is probably the first time I've been ill since stopping. I got up almost every day feeling yuk but not now.

Jack xx


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