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No Smoking Day
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Day 6!


I have no used my inhalator at all today!

Im not really thinking about that ciggerette after food anymore, instead the kids and i get a board game out, or we fix up a nice pudding!!

Anything that keeps my mind and hands busy.

Yesterday was my first non smoking day at work, and altho i used my inhalator quite alot, i still only used one cartridge and it wasnt as hard as i thought it was going to be.

This forum is definately helping, thankyou :o

That and the thought of telling dad ive had a ciggy, i know he'd go mad...so it keeps me going :)

Hows everyone else doing?

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Hey Ellie....well done you:D.....you have the secret....keeping the hands and mind busy;)


keep on keeping on

Nice one ellie

keep it up. look to the future as a non smoker



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