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After shock....Smoking ban in my flat!!

Hi there..

Went to my NHS group meeting last night and I asked to the nurse to measure the carbon inmy breath...I have 39!!!!Evrybody else was so low, 3 and so on..I am in shock!

I am on champix, and my stopping day is the 7th of February...I smoke in my flat, and I think I can stop doing that so to decrease the amount I smoke.

Today, I am going to clean everywhere, open all the windows and start from there.

I am quite scared now....


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Hi Zaira :D

Don't be scared by that reading as you're still smoking it will be high just now but you wait once you stop it will drop rapidly OK

Mine was over 50 when I smoked after a week/ ten days of not smoking it was down to around 3/4


Marg xx


Hello, welcome and good luck! :D :D :D

I can definately relate to the whole smoke free home thing as i used to let people smoke in my kitchen but now that im smoke free (only for 14hrs but i intend to keep it that way!) my house will be too. So i went out yesterday and bought new net curtains and the difference in colour was ridiculous! Today im having a clear out and a clean up =)

I wish you all the success in the world!

-Jade xx


Quittings easy staying quit is hard

Hi Ladies its amazing how bad it smells when you get about a week down the road

My Bungalow stunk and I know it did so had carpets cleaned and gone mad with cleaning etc and determined that now Iv done all that I want let any one else smoke in the place and if they cant go a couple of hours without smoking then tough they manage it when they go pub so Im sure they can do it when they visit us, yes Carb reading will go down quite quickly 5 weeks today for me and mine was 2 last week but 1 this but told by nurse it can go up due to aie pollution so 3 ish and under is good and passive raises it so run away when some one lights up LOL


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