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Back again

Right im back again for a 2nd attempt! didnt go so well last time as i very rarely drink and went away for a weekend and spent it with smokers so it was far too tempting and i couldnt resist temptation!

But... id like to give up smoking as i have a young child who i fear is starting to be curious about it and i want to quit before that happens. also i live apart from the other half as hes studying 4 hours away so i only see him on his holidays and occassional weekends at the moment!

He'll be back for valentines so id like to make this an unconventional valentines day gift for the boyfriend! Hes always wanted me to give up and i feel its the best gift i could give both him and myself!

Il be going cold turkey as i found it fairly easy this time, il just be avoiding smokers before at least the 2 week mark where possible!

Good luck to every1 else quitting!!

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Hi Jadelina what a great decision to make, to quit smoking. I'm not an old hand I'm only on 8 weeks. I have basicly gone CT and it is not easy but if you can I do believe it's a slightly quicker process than using NRT. Not that I don't agree with NRT it depends what works, stopping smoking is the goal we all want to achieve.

One little point I would like to make is if you are stopping to please your OH it may not work. Think you are stopping for yourself and that you may be around a bit longer for your little one.

Keep coming on here for support and help, for answers to any questions you may have.

Read as many posts as you can, learn as much as you can.

We're here for you.

Jack xx:)


Fantastic reasons Jadelina! I wish you every success


Welcome and well done stopping smoking. Keep in touch with us as to how you are getting on, ask anything you need to or share your story.



Welcome back Jadelina and well done deciding to rastart your quit remember to read and post as much as you can it really helps


Marg xx


hey jadelina,

good luck today, hope it goes well for you. keep us updated how your getting on :)



Good luck to you Jadelina. Great reasons to quit, i'm sure your OH will be thrilled, but as Jack said, primarily this must be for you and for no-one else, I can relate to the children, have two girls 13 and 10 and felt really uncomfortable still smoking. But they haven't really noticed I'm not smoking now, I never smoked in the house, so it never really affected them I guess. Don't have high expectations of other peoples reactions, as long as it is what you really want to do, then that is what counts.

I wish you every success, take it a day at a time, keep us posted and shout on here whenever you need help, there is always someone listening.

Lorraine :)


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