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Day 13 (28.01.10)

Hey guys,

Not posted for the last few days but just thought I would come online to post that I haven't caved and it will be two weeks tomorrow for me :):)

I still feel pretty much as I did before, still finding it quite easy with the help of Champix, and still pretty happy. No mood swings to report though my sleep has been up and down all week...can't get to sleep til late so sleeping in, in the mornings. Work will be a shock next week when I'm up at 5.30am - I think I will sleep those nights :eek:

Hope all the Janurary quitters are feeling good and doing well :D

Lindsay xxx

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hey linsday,

good to see you back and to hear your going strong. nice one! champix is great isnt it :)



Hi bman,

You know its funny you say that because for me Champix has been like a magic potion...this last week especially, now all the nicotine has gone, feels like I just forgot I smoke :o I know that probably sounds weird but I don't even think about smoking let alone crave smoking.

It even repulses me now, the smell I mean...its horrible.

And I owe it all to Champix, and maybe a little willpower from me :D

Lindsay xxx


ah glad its working for you. yeah the smell when people come back in from being outside is even worse I recon - haha, dirty smokers :p


bman, yeah...all those dirty smokers stood outside places with their horrible fags....I do miss them :p I miss the social interaction of being smokers with solidarity...but still not missing those fags, they can keep em :D


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