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Help with vitamins

Hi Guys

Quick question and wondered if anyone called help. It has been recommended on here to take a good multivitamin when quitting - which I do (when I remember :rolleyes:)

However, I have also seen on another post about taking vitamin B6 in particular. Is it OK to take this in addition to a muliti vitamin?

Thank you in advance for your replies

Tinks xx

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Wish theres a pill to make this better lol

Hi Tink

I am taking Sanatagin multi vit which i started the day after quit dont know if they are doing any good or not but feel ok now through the worst part for which was 4th week hope im on the up now lol

Dont think you need to take any supps with these tabs as think they are adequate and everything you need drink plenty of water


I am no expert (even though I keep answering these threads:D). It is difficult to overdose on vitamins because the body does not store vitamins and minerals, it uses what it needs and then flushes them from the body. However this does not mean you can eat them like sweets, a good multi vitamins will not hurt.

If you have a good diet, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish (protein) you should not actually need extra vitamins but obviously there are certain times (like quitting smoking) when they may help.

I take a B6 because it balances hormones and studies show it stabilises metabolism, which I thought would be useful with this quit. However it does take time for them to kick in. The medical profession do not rate taking extra vitamins but there has been plenty of research on them.


Meant 2009 quit lol


hey tinks - solgar vitamins are top stuff, they are expensive but good :D


You can get a good , cheap, strong multivit from H and B (Get a mega multivit? mineral - high dose ) supplement, called ONE or summat like that.

Chromium is good for the blood sugar, and is supposed anyway to stop the constant eating, hunger.

You will just pee away any excess of B vits and C vits (Magnesium and Calcium also good for nerves) so you can take extra of these to help detox....

Patrick Holfords books are good for advice on supplements. I'm a big alternative health fan, and vits/ herbs are a really good way to give yourself extra support.


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