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25 Days and feeling SH** LOL

Have just rang NHS smoke helpline cause seem to have withdrawel Ugh she has made me appointment to see No Smoking Nurse at my local surgery bu said Wait for it if I realy needed a cig have one and the see the nurse on Friday

What can I say do these people get paid for giving advice if so give me a job I could do it so could lots on this site

Thats not the first one have spoken to who was rubbish I dont want a cig thats why I rang them am I going nuts LOL

Thought the idea was to help me not have cig and get through it


Sorry need rant and want to feel better been sooooooooooooo good up to today but reckon body on a healing thing as feel edgy and tingly allover thought you only felt like that first few days ?????

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Hi Jamangie :)

Bloody NHS arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh they're not much cope to most of us

Sorry you're feeling rough though but to ring and get told to smoke that is the pits in my opinion

Rant all you like I would have had a rant at that stupid person on the end of the phone wouldn't have domne any good but I'd have felt better for it :D

Yes you're body is healing and you may get the odd day like this I'm afraid but it will never be quite so bad again OK

You're doing really well just get through today and then you'll be so proud of yourself and tomorrow you'll feel so much better

To help you through today keep busy, drink water go for a walk, have a nap whatever you can find to distract yourself


Marg xx


Keep going..

No way - I can't believe the NHS person said that... crap advice Jamangie.. thank god you didn't take it... Day 25 is a fab achievement - I can't wait to be there! (I'm on day 18...) Are you using anything to help you, or just going cold turkey? I've tried many things and at this time I'm on the patches - it's not cheating, it's an aid, and it's really helped... I did go to the doctors to start me off and got them on prescription - but I didn't get any advice - just a booklet and a prescription - but at least it's something!

Don't ring them again - you don't need someone telling you it's okay to have a ciggie... you need encouragement - so come and rant on here!!!

Good luck - keep going - Rachael


The peson you spoke with probably never smoked in their life and can't understand what wabting a smoke is like. My clinic had 2 nurses - one an ex-smoker and she was brilliant, really understood - the other never smoked and she meant well.

You know you can't just have one - that's why you called them in the first place. I know that if I just had one I'f be back to 20/day within a week, and feeling terrible about myself - far worse than just wanting a smoke.

Do what Marg and Rachael suggest - rant on here or actually DO something. You know that your need is a temporary thing (yes, I know the 'need' lasts forever - I'm trying to forget how I felt most of yesterday morning). So hang in there - you're 25 days into your new life........ you don't really want to give up on that.


Far better using this site, that woman is deranged, where the devil do they get their training, if they do. Come here and tell us how you feel, read lots in our signatures about the nicotine addiction this will help you to change your thoughts about smoking and help you to stay stopped. You can be sure of one thing we will never adivise you to smoke.



Thank you all

Just could not believe what she said have sent emails to appropriate site to complain still feel antsy but promise will not have one

one sixth of a gram of nicotine kills you so aggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh lol

Its not the nicotine surely after this length of time maybe in my head LOL

If could have got down phone would have ripped her head off

Its no easy being FREE is it


Freedom is a state of mind

Hi feeling better now had huge dinner and repleat LOL scales are a bit dodgy they say Iv put the weight that I lost last week back on again like a yoyo but weights easier to to lose LOL

Thanks for support earlier

Hugs to all


I've never used an NHS line and never will. That Nurse is a complete tool.

What would she say if she was on the Samaritans helpline and you were contemplating topping yourself..

Nurse: Oh well, you might as well just overdose and be done with it, I know what you mean, life's such a bind sometimes..

Good grief.

(By the way, you're doing great!)


Hey jamangie

So glad you are feeling better. In my experience the NHS stop smoking helpline and the smoking nurses are pretty useless. There are proabbaly some good ones out there but I'm yet to come across one. Theya re just not interested.

They have probably never smoked so do not understand. It really annoys me.

Sorry my rant over anyway gals you are feeling better



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