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Day 61 for me :)


Hey guys,

Firstly please forgive me for not being on here for so long. I have been to hell and back, but guess what I am still a non smoker :p

I just felt like I needed a break from being online and I apologise as you guys were just the best :) I know I have done ever so well, but just the last few days I have been thinking about how lovely it would be to just have a puff of a ciggie.. I need to get rid of that thought .. Yesterday, I was sat in the pub and I was watching the smokers puffing away through the window and I would have loved to have been there too .

Anyways I'm back on here and I really hope that all the old De Novos made it through Christmas and New Year too:p Ooh and I'll be on Month 3 tomorrow :)

P.S I gave up on the champix at Christmas, I just had enough of feeling sick, so I am smoke and champix free now !!

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Hi Michelle :D

61 days that's great Big Hug sorry the last few days have been tough for you and also that you've been to hell and back

And champix as well as smoke free well done indeed



Hi Michelle. Lovely to hear from you again and so pleased you're still hanging in there with the quit. Sorry about the rough time you've had lately and I hope it improves. Smoking again won't help tho :D

Lots of the De Novos still around. Big hugs hun.

L xx

Hi there Michelle!!!

Well done on 61 days thats beautiful that is!!!!

Dont worry about the cravings just dont give in to them.... the nicodemon tapped me on the shoulder a few times around that marker but he's sooo weak now that it will pass quickly enough... main thing is to focus on how far you've come and what a nightmare it'd be to go through all that emotional rollercoaster all over again!!! Pah! It'd be terrible.

Keep on quitting... we're all proud of you!!!


Hi WC wondered where you had got to, nice to see you and well done sweetheart.



if we get through trying times and come out of it just shows we arestrong fighters........ keep it up....... in ten years time how much will you have saved

and how much healthier u would be xxxx

Well done Michelle, you did the right thing coming on to tell us how you were, sharing it will help you loads. Maybe do some reading to help get your head away from the old smoking habit and the lies.


Hey guys, it so lovely to see you all :) Don't worry I feel strong again, it was just a little wobble I had at the weekend. haha

Do you ever feel like that you want a puff just to see what its like again though? I keep getting that, and I just can't get rid of that..

dont have just 1 puff thats the down fall of all smokers... I had a crave today when i got home from work.... strange not had one in ages but it passed even though it was a strong one....

just one never is

keep strong

Hello Twinny

Funny I had a crave again to day when I got home from work. While tea was cooking, I sat down and thought "Lets have a smoke now. Bugger I don't smoke no more"" That started my craving.

Keep up the quitting.

Will speak soon

Love Ju x

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