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Day 6

well day 6 is nearly over but tonight is really hard.

My first really strong crave since i quit.

But im not thinking damn i want a fag, its just that really tense feeling i have inside me feel tonight.

Little things are iritating me and just feel like i want to scream!

Yesterday was ok though no matter what i was doing i had that empty missing feeling following me.

So right know i am just trying to relax, i was going cold turkey but just got my inhaler out the draw and think ill go put the kettle on and make a cup of tea.I will beat these demons!!

How is everyone else tonight?

lee x

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Windy but feeling ok!

SCREAM if it'll make you feel may just be what you need. Careful on the amount of tea/coffee you drink, I believe in the absence of nicotine it's quite at potent (e.g. will be a stimulant); possibly not good when you're feeling on edge.

YAY to you for 6 days !



Good point about the tea never really thought about it, past few days i have been drinking alot of tea and the christmas celabrations chocolate box has had a good bashing.

Nah i best not sream people will think ive gone crazy lol.

And starting tomorrow im going to put a limit on how much tea i can drink a day.


Good luck Lee, keep yourself busy with good things - replace the smoking with something worthwhile should help.

I noticed after a few days of not smoking just how much my coffee drinking multiplied. I was bouncing off the walls and swinging from the apple tress. Crazy! I had no idea just how much it would effect me. That and the dreams from patches made for a very interesting first fortnight.

All the best



I've just started necking lots of water. I'm spending far too much time peeing to ever worry or think about the fact I'm not smoking.


Well done Lee - almost one week - sincere congrats

We're all familiar with that 'empty' feeling - not actually sure it ever goes away, but it does become less intense - just one of those things we all put up with day to day, like noise I guess.

You've done 6 days CT and an inhaler - I couldn't do that, but I've been smoke free for 10 weeks with the help of the people on this forum. You can do this!


Hi Lee :D

Sorry you suffered a bit last night but by tonight you'll be a week quit and you know it will get easier

Better that you used the inhaler than had a fag keep going Lee you can do this

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Hi Lee.

Well done on day 6. Just stick with it mate. You will start being ok soon. My intake of cups of tea went up aswell. Problem is I take 2 sugars. Spoke to my smoking nurse she said no problem with sugar intake. After about 1 week my tea intake went down, so hopefully yours will also.

If you can, do the survey on Pol's page. It makes quite an interesting read. After you do the survey, do it again with wrong answers and see what it comes up with.

Good luck and keep using this forum, it really help us non smokers to keep going ..:)



Well done on 6 days, we know you can do it, so you know you can do it. Sharing how you feel will help you and others too. Read some of the websites it will distract you from what is going on and help you to understand it.

Best wishes, you are doing great.



Thanks for the advice and support:D

lee x


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