No Smoking Day
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Well aint I good!

Had to tell you this.

Had a bit of a drama this morning. Walked out of my house and drove all the way to work then realised that I had forgot my food for the day.

Panic! Panic! At first I thought what am I going to do, I need my food and I don't have anything like ciggies to substitute it. At this point I would like to point out it was healthy food. I didn't really want to go to the garage just down the road from work as this is where I used to get my ciggies from when at work and I haven't been in there since quitting.

It was just too much I was starving and and could no longer put up with my stomach moaning at me so I had to go to the garage.

I drove to the garage and got my grub. The lad behind the counter got a packet of the ciggies I used to buy ready and guess what - I said "NO THANK YOU I DON'T SMOKE ANYMORE." He said "Well done you". I was just so proud!!

Just wanted to let you know

Tinks xx

P.S. The grub I brought from the garage turned out to be very unhealthy - consisted of - mars bar, bacon sandwich & quavers - oh well I enjoyed it paticularly the chocolate. Mmmmmm xx

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YAY, well done Tinks. Getting your first visit to the garage out the way, this early on, is great.

Sod the chocolate, your didn't buy any cigs, well done :D

Proud of you too :cool:


Well done tinks!

Food seems to becoming more important for lots of people now! I've started making my own to take to work instead of eating the the canteen, veggie nibbles with humous, grapes, apples, 'nanas etc...oh and a cream cheese, pastrami, gherkin and mustard bagal...YUMMY

Most disappointed that my orange juice is in fact tropical....GGRRRRR


Hey Tinks isn't it a great feeling when someone hands you your cigs or even when someone offers you one you can say "No thanks I don't smoke"

This is something I had wanted to be able to say and do for years.

Keep it up you're doing really well.:cool:

We're all proud of you

Jack x


Wey Hey

Way to go, Tinks.

I've not yet got to the stage where I can say I'm a non smoker. I am trying very hard not to think about that at all but I'm sure it will come with time!:o

I'm ever so proud of you, the girl did good!!:)

I have just had a virtually fat-free lunch but have ruined it by eating 2 chocolate limes. I just needed the sugar.............


Hi Tinks :D

Well done you no not that you forgot your food for work but that when yot to the garage for something and the lad got your fags down you said No Thanks I don't Smoke

Isn't that a lovely thing to be able to say I'm so proud of you for that doesn't matter that the food wasn't exactly healthy

Tinks you have every right to be proud of yourself br proud of and celebrate every day along this road we all have to travel

Love and a Hug

Marg xx


Tinks you are a STAR

On day 3 that would have killed me...

Sod the chocolate, who cares at this stage

Keep strong sweetheart



well done tink, due to your food situation which im sure ur dog ate in the end i would of myself poped to the local co-op as i used to every morning before school

well done once again



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