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No Smoking Day
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You Are Never Alone

I move into month 2 today, I really cant believe that I have done 30 days without a cigarette after 40 years of smoking. I've had it really tough as many of you will know from my posts but I'm feeling so proud of myself today !

I gave up initially cold turkey because I had to for health reasons and a friend of mine gave me the link for this forum which I joined on Day2.

I have to say it was a total revelation to me to read all the posts and I was quite overwhelmed with all the advice and website links that were sent to me.

I slowly went through them, listening to the older hands on the site, taking their advice, reading the links and trying to educate myself re: the nicotine demon.

After 12 days I was tearing my hair out and so decided that I needed extra help, so started on Niquit lozenges whi I have found to be a benefit.

Nothing, however, can take the place of the help and support that everyone on the forum gives you when you are down and desperate. I was lucky enough to join a group called Octoquits and their support and friendship has meant more to me in the last few weeks than I can say.

My advice to newbies would be to try and join a group here or make an online buddy as it will really make the difference to you when the "chips are down".

Thank you to everyone on here who have got me this far, really appreciate all your support.

Dee xx

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:D Dee, am so proud of you, this weeks been tough but you got there.

Now Party Party Party, But save me a glass of wine for tomorrow, when I join you. xxxxx:)


Dear Deerizla, It is so good to come to this site and read your posting telling me of the good news. Sooooo you have the first month to your back. That has to feel real good. A milestone where you will start counting in weeks now. No embellishment needed here. It's true. You start counting in weeks now.

Congratulations. You deserve a reward for this. How much have you saved now?



You've said a lot of what I feel, but much, much better. I too have survived a month without smoking after 40 years of it, without killing my OH or myself.

I 100% agree about the Octoquits and believe I was truely lucky to join such a strong group of people. And you're advice to people just starting - spot on. Join a group and participate. You'll get support from them and guess what, you'll give support to them too.

I'll see you at the party tomorrow evening - I'm the one in Black Tie with a very red face from trying holding my stomach in. :o


Dear Dee

I meant to go up to the house for a wine.... got distracted and came back with a decaff coffee............ must be my age

So, I have now rectified that..... another trip in the wind and rain

I am proud of you for getting this far. I'm proud of everyone but of us Octo's, your struggle I think has been the toughest with far more downs than ups. Your dealing with cancer and quitting and the down times you've had have been long and many......... you are totally inspiring.

And oh boy do you deserve a better time of things now you've got this far.

*Cheers* everyone

Christine? An early night? You youngsters..... :p


Dawn, well done you, cant wait to see you at the party tomorrow, and as for Dave, well tell the OH I have the first dance booked OK !!!! My OH says thats fine by him but not to keep you to long as the black tie might become a problem if you hold your breath that long !!!

Pol - bless you honey, for those kind words and your patience with me over the last few weeks, I look forward to buying you a drink tomorrow night.

Have saved over £80.00 now Stumpsounder, but its not the money so much as the 800 fags I would have smoked in this time !!!!

Stay safe and stay quit my friends



Hi Dee :D

Well done getting to month 2 that's great Big Hug

This road can be a hard and bumpy ride for a lot of us in fact a real rollercoaster but it gets easier the further along it you travel


Marg xx


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