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Bye Bye Month 1

I only spent one week and a day in here (month 1) but that time was so much easier than that which got me here.

I'm not one to sit and wallow and feel the woe's of the world, well... not for to long anyway. Day or two and that's enough. It's my quit and I'm learning from it and gaining a lot such as extra time on my hands, increased health and pennies in my purse (I rolled my own (OH rolled..... <----- look, passed tense :cool:) and got from abroad so much cheaper). I've realised that I should have done this years ago, I already know that the thought of something can be much scarier than the actual process.... I wish I'd applied that to quiting a long time ago.... but I'm doing it now and that's what is important. My OH still smokes just 2 or 3 some evenings and I can quite happily sit in the room and not want one. I do wonder ................. but I don't want.

This site offers great support and understanding and for anyone reading this and are just starting out, (your reading ahead, good for you) know that it does becoame easier, urges decrease in intensity and frequeancy and your family/friends/coillegues do see the human side of you re-surface once again;)

Well, time to love and leave the other OctoQutters and other members currently residing in Month 1 or heading this way. I've cleared my stuff, hopefully left it all 'neat and tidy', got my roller blades on, Baileys and Tia Maria at the ready......... not bringing Chocoalte, couldn't find what I stashed away..... odds are Christine found it hence the runner into Month 2 ahead of time.

See you all again very soon in Month 2 .


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Congrats getting to month 2, Pol!!! Well done...... tried to pick something you might like ;)

*hit guitar


Hi Pol :D

That's great a whole month done and dusted well done you




Congrats, Pol

Who knows where the time goes


Thank you for the congrats and music both muchly appreciated :)

Thank you Marg, looking forward very much to joining in with some major celebrations coming your way very soon.


Pol Just seen your post as I have been away, WELL DONE you on getting to month 2 thats fab. I managed the wedding etc (will post in Octoquits).

It will take me another 2 weeks to join you but I will be there I promise so save me a bottle of red wine will you.

Love Dee xxxxx


Hi Dee

Thanks, there's a bottle with your name on it, waiting. Must hide it from Christine ;) Good to hear from you :) Don't know what part of the country the wedding as in, but hope the weather was better than 'here' in Glos.

What about the birth? Got a bit to catching up with you :)

Pol x


Well done Pol


Well done Pol :D


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