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Day 4

Morning Dave well now we are on Dave 4 wow never though i would make it this far but i have and im very very pleased with myself.

Went to bed very early last night like 9.30pm that stoped me wanting a fag.

I do find times very hard like when i get up in the morning,when im in the car, been shopping or been to work.Or when my o/h has upset me or stressed me out but i keep telling myself"" NO NO i dont need you to make things better cause when i have had one my problems will still be there.

I think the weekend will be a bit of a battle so i think im going to get my arse into gear and sort out a load of stuff i done need or want and get it on e-bay which will hopefullly take my mind of it.

Then x-factor tonight so i wont need to keep rushing outide for a fag when the break is on (we have never smoked in the house) and then rushing to get back in to see if has started.

I will have to get some fruit in to nibble on instead i thing

So im at home today so we will all have to keep each other strong oer this weekend as im hopeing it will get easier

DAVE DONT GO AND GET ANY FAGS you are doing great but i know just how you feel but like i tell myself it wont make you feel any better it will make you feel worse so dont do it :0)

Anyway to all of use hoping we have a postive weekend and see Monday as none smokers

Soon be a weeks so lets stay strong together

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Hi Kay :D

Day 4 is great keep going I had lots of early nights to early in my quit and those habit fags are I think the worst ones to get past as there were so many of them

Doesn't matter what you do to take your mind off it


Marg xx


Hi Kay

Glad to hear your doing ok and you're right about keeping busy. Good idea about sorting thngs out and ebaying, I may do the same. Not really an x-factor fan, more for the dancing, but like you and other smokers, popping outside when there's a lull for a puff.

Tonight I'm helping at my neice's Halloween party so I actually won't have the opportunity. (Not in front of the children)

And it's day 4!!! I'm ok this morning. Got up early (sleep pattern is shot to hell) and I'm good. Last night was just one of those times we know we'll have and I'm so glad I didn't give in.

4 days Kay! More than half-a-week

Have a great smoke-free weekend



Very well done Kay hunnie.

Day 4 is fab work the first week is the worsed I think and you have done more than half that. At the start the reward fags are hard to say no to but it gets much easyer very fast honest. Keep yourself busy yor doing fab.xxxx


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