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Does anyone want to set up a group for October quitters?

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Hi All

Not sure where to put this post? I know everyone on here is so supportive but just wondered if those members if have quit in October would be interested in starting a new group on here. Just so we can buddy up and celebrate our milestones together?

If you do and know how to set it up - please so and I'll join (I'm not sure how to start a new group)

Tinkerbell xx

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I'll join in. Think I quit on 30/9/09, but had my last cigarette that day (I think, can't remeber without checking up) so Oct 1 was the first cigarette-free day


go for it guys! I think its a good thing. You need a good name though! Then just everyone who's in it on your signature. x

Liking the name - what do you think about it Sue? It looks like it's just me and you so far! Cavalier - can I just good name but ask why "fluffy"?

Tinkerbell xx

Can I join too please !

Can I join please

Can I join please its Day 1 for me, had my last cigarette at 10.40pm on the 29th. Would love to join in


Too bad I'm just a Feber :(

Wash your mouth out with soap and water young lady. Just a Feber, never heard anything like it.

The October-festers is a good one.

Wash your mouth out with soap and water young lady. Just a Feber, never heard anything like it.

Won't happen again, David!! Very sorry.... Febers ROCK ;)

The OctoQuits?

What about the OctoQuits - kind of says it all.

PS. So far I've counted - (put them in date order so we can easily ID the birthdays, oops, I man milestones - not so I'm first, honest!)

Let's round-up a few more

Cyprien (1st) - Tinkerbell (29th) - doglover (29th) - deerizla (29th)


Cyprien (1st) - Tinkerbell (29th) - doglover (29th) - deerizla (29th)


Very good lol. If I were an October quitter, I'd pick that name. David

I've just noticed this - room for another one?

Sounds good..:)

I would like to join too! My quit date is Oct. 8/09. How do you set it up. Where do I join?

Hi all

I reckon Octoquit is a great name! Well done to all :)........its November now and we're into a new month!

can I join as well please ...last ciggie was 28th and so far I am doing brill


Does anyone who has shown interest in joining the October quitters group know how to go about 'making a social group' for us to post in and chivy each other along?

I've found where it says 'create a group' but have no idea what do within the 'creating bit' if there is such a bit :confused: e.g. getting every-ones screen-names and info within the sig.

Either that was far easier than I thought ...... or ...... I've missed something.

Pull down the list under 'Quick Links' slightly up and to the right, click on Social Groups and then find one names OctoQuits - should be near the top. Click on that and 'join'.

Still don't know how you show other group members names within yr sig though.

Feel free to tell me if it's all wrong :)

Hi All

Thanks for setting the group up Pol - I have now joined. Great name!

For those who want to join and not sure how to, this is the way I did it (not sure if it's the easiest way)

Click on "User CP" then click on "Social Groups" then click on our group "Octoquitters" and then click "Join Group".

Hope all are doing OK today.

Tinkerbell xx

Just noticed this - can I join? My last smoke was on the evening of Oct 27.

Of course you can Dave - the more the merrier!!

Do you know how to do it? If not Pol has set it up and it's under social groups called "OctoQuits"

Tinkerbell xx

Tinks :D

I just had to find this old thread out again.

Your sig now reads how you were an original Octo - now a gatecrashing Oct :p

It was you who first asked about setting up a group for October quitters - you kind of really were the Original Octo Girl - much better than a Bond Girl ;)

Anyone else thinking about Group here and their effectiveness then don't think about it anymore, join.

Definitly better than a Bond Girl. I might change my signature then, wht do you think?

Definitly better than a Bond Girl. I might change my signature then, wht do you think?

Absolutely, as Pol said you are the Octo Quit girl and even though you have re-started I admire your courage. I am sure there is not one of the remaining Octo quitters who would begrudge you still being one of us as this is not a race last time I looked but a support group for all.

Change your signature and join the old gang again.:)

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