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Farewell Month 2


Well I joined in month 2 (a late starter) - and am now leaving month 2. Can't quite believe its been 2 months since I last did the dreaded deed.

Can't say I'm totally out of the woods - indeed am having a dodgy-ish day today with a hollow feeling in my stomach (haven't had that for a few weeks) and also had taste of old smoke in my mouth earlier - very odd.

But I am getting there - and feeling better, stronger, and more confident that I can do this by the day. Thanks to all on here who have helped with messages so far.

So.....its off to Month 3 for me (God! Am starting to speak in rhyme!)

Continued good luck to us all!

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Well done on your 2 months it's great to see you moving up. You will find that the further you climb in months the quicker the time passes. The feeling you have is part of the leaving the cigs behind and is not a sadness really so try to give it a better name, it will go soon.

Good luck.


good for you! I found/find the longer I go on that the craves come further apart. The problem can be that when they do come, you've forgotten what they feel like and its a shock! The trick is to learn how to accept them and embrace the fact that the reason you're feeling that way is because you're free of the dreaded weed. They then get easier to ignore.

Hi Atomiguy

Well done getting to your 3rd month is great keep going



Well done, Atomic guy. Those 'dodgy-ish' days will pop up less and less...... they'll actually become just moments, not days............ had a 'moment' the other day, came unexpected, and passed just as quickly. So take a deep breath, remind yourself of all the positives, and be proud you've done a whole 2 months!

Thank you all for your messages.

Felt a lot better as the day has gone on - the Extra gums may have helped as well.

So - see you in Month 3!!

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