Last day of week 3!!!!! Imagine that!

It seems like yesterday I was posting for the last day of week 2. I guess one advantage of getting older is the time goes by faster. Helps with the counting of smoke free days! I was dreading week 3 because of how hard everyone said it would be. It wasn't exactly a piece of cake, but not as bad as I expected. Looking forward to week 4.

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  • How fantastic is that!! Well done you, like you said bring on week 4.

    Excellent, well done.

  • See you tomorrow in Week 4.....I agree after everything I had heard about week 3 it was not nearly as bad as I thought it might be...


  • Well done all you ladies!

    I'm waiting for the week 3 wobblies to kick in but nothing yet!

    See you in week 4 in a few days :D

    JJ xxx

  • Hi Elisabeth :D

    Well done on 3 weeks completed keep it going


    Marg xx

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