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End of day 2, review on 21mg patches


Hey there. Im sure you are searching through these on the beginning or middle of your second day, as I was. So, I thought I would leave a little review of how it went for me.

Method: 21mg store brand 24hr patches applied to the right side of my chest

Age: 21


Smoked: 3 years, .5-.75 packs/day

The first night sleeping with a 24 hour patch was tough; im not sure if it was due more to the lack of smoking or the patch. Constantly tossed and turned and awoke from somewhat intense dreams. I woke up exhausted...

Morning: I REALLY miss my morning smoke, I knew it would be the hardest of the day. I decided to remove my previous patch and apply a new one for a fresh zap of my drug of choice. This seemed to curb it somewhat as I got ready and left for university. Today I applied it to my chest rather than my arm; it tingled less and got rid of the dull throbbing I'd felt in my arm the day before. I was CRAVING coffee, so I hurried down to the store and picked up my favorite brew along with something substantial to eat.

Late morning: ARGHHH!!!!!!! I had to fight several particularly nasty cravings, but they went away quickly. I had to remind myself that my patch WAS still feeding nicotine into my blood, and it was just the psychological addiction talking. I closed my eyes, tried to focus on the patch releasing nicotine and breathed slowly... they passed.

Afternoon: Nothing notable, I was beginning to catch my stride.

Late afternoon: I told a (once) fellow smoker that I was on the patch. He seemed irritated by it, but that was to be expected. He half-halfheartedly wished me luck as we parted ways where we once smoked together. I was alright.

Waiting for my ride to arrive, where I would once chain smoke, I got a subtle craving, but bearable. The ride home was a little tougher.

Evening: AHhHHHH!!! I started talking about financial things and knew I had to call the bank, this almost broke me. But, I stayed strong. I was pretty distracted trying to study for an exam... but resolve brought me through.

Night: I spent some time reading over different websites about quitting (whyquit.com). Namely, I read several articles about the low success rate using NRT. This irritated me greatly. Articles were basically telling me that because I was using NRT, I would relapse. Well, let me just say that the day I stopped smoking I CHOSE NOT TO BE A STATISTIC. Im truly sorry that others have failed, but that has ZERO impact on whether or not I will. I WONT. We know that everyone's quit is unique and different things work for different people. So, if you are like me and using NRT (which im guessing you are by clicking this thread), keep this in mind. You make your own choices and you are not a statistic. Ok, there's my rant.

I took some OTC sleeping pills and drifted off to sleep.

Day two over and done with! yay! Everyone dance!!

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Hahaha Thank you

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